About Us

IOM Story

This is where our story begins. Aamir was a friend of our founder Nadeem. Over 6 years ago he approached Nadeem and asked for his help. Nadeem came to know that every employee of the service agency was loaded with a lot of paper-work that if minimized can dramatically improve the quality of the service delivery.

As the next step, Nadeem went out to meet the management of over 15 similar service agencies and found out the challenge was common. He also reviewed the existing software to see if the needs of the agencies could be fulfilled. But to his surprise every software was a partial fix. At that moment, Nadeem decided to build a comprehensive solution for the service agencies. 

Today, the service agency industry knows IOM Cloud as the most easy to use and most comprehensive solution available in the market. We believe we could not have come this far without the support of the fun loving team behind IOM, and the tremendous support of leaders and advocates of positive change in the service agencies.

Our Founder

Nadeem is an entrepreneur, engineer, and computer scientist. He is expert in supply chain and service agencies digital transformation.

Co-founded Candela- RMS that is used by more than 5000 retailers and franchises in over 12 countries. Developed Sensys – IntelliMax that is used globally by top 50 Fortune 500 manufacturers. He is a proud founder of IOM-Cloud (for service agencies) which is serving over 150,000 clients in Canada.

His passion is to help businesses in accelerating the journey towards greater success.

His motto is Thrive and not just survive