Why would I want IOM

If I’m a Career Counselor?

We’re ready to show you how to use IOM-Employment for:

  • A complete CaMS history from Day #1
  • In App access to CaMS when you need it
  • Clients Notes format exactly fulfilling agency needs
  • Automatic notifications to:
    • Job Developers when you attach a client
    • You for every new job opportunity.
    • You if a client is accepted/rejected.
  • Automatic Tracking of
    • All funding by program
    • All Wins & Losses
    • Funds Allocated, Funds Remaining, Slippage
  • Automatic Report Exports To Excel

We’d love to show you a live demo and see if it can fit your specific needs.

Our New Client Funding Calculator!

  • Easy to use drop down menus
  • Never forget a qualifying area
  • Automatic summary created
  • Editable for any adjustments you wish to make